When sustainability meets skin health

When sustainability meets skin health

We’ve proudly introduced a whole new range of pillowcases, bedding and sleep masks to our collection that are exclusively vegan-friendly and kind to the planet.

In a world first, we’ve paired the ultra-sustainable Bamboo Lyocell, a plant-based silk, with our signature antibacterial silver to bring you a 100% sustainable and cruelty-free sleep designed to keep your skin in optimal health.

Now, we know that not all bamboos are made the same. We’ve specifically chosen Bamboo Lyocell for it’s incredibly soft and luxurious feel. As well as its commitment to a more sustainable world.

Today, we thought we’d take you through our vegan bedding for better skin, hair and sleep and explain why Bamboo Lyocell is the key to your most sustainable sleep yet.


What is Bamboo Lyocell?

Bamboo Lyocell is made from pure organic bamboo pulp. It is celebrated for its silky, smooth and exceptionally soft texture, which is why it’s commonly referred to as plant-based silk.

Pairing sustainability with pure and utter luxury, Bamboo Lyocell is the most eco-friendly version of bamboo as it requires less chemicals, water and produces less waste.

Bamboo Lyocell was the best fit for us thanks to its ability to be hypoallergenic, breathable, antibacterial and moisture wicking. These features ticked a lot of boxes for us, especially when paired with our antibacterial silver, known to destroy the spread of bacteria and odour.

For those wanting to stay cool in summer and warm in winter, you’re going to love getting your hands on our Bamboo Lyocell bedding. Available in pillowcases, sheet sets and a duvet cover, now each layer of your luxurious slumber can be thermoregulated and moisture wicking.

This means that whether you’re hot or cold sleeper, our sheets will help you maintain a good night’s sleep! When compared to traditional bedding fabrics like cotton, our Bamboo Lyocell bedding is 4.5x more breathable and 1.5x more absorbent.


Wait, doesn’t bamboo use a lot of resources?

Traditionally yes, bamboo requires a lot of water during its production process, which is why we chose Bamboo Lyocell, a derivative that requires the least number of resources.

The production process uses what’s called a Closed Loop System which is an environmentally friendly method that recycles the used resources. The raw bamboo pulp is broken down and dissolved using a non-toxic solvent which in turn, produces non-harmful waste. In addition to being kind to the environment, this process means the team conducting the manufacturing itself, are not exposed to harmful chemicals. A total win for the planet and our Silvi community.

The Closed Loop System allows for 98% of the water used during the fabrication process to be recycled and reused during the next stock of manufacturing. This means the process not only requires less energy but overtime, means dramatically less water as the manufacturer can use the same water supplies each time.

This process also means that the final product, the Bamboo Lyocell fabric, is considerably softer than its counterparts, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love soft and smooth bedding to welcome them after a long day.


Will the Bamboo Lyocell products still support my skin?

Absolutely! It’s in our DNA to support healthier skin, hair and sleep in everything we do at Silvi, and our vegan-friendly collection is no different.

Our Bamboo Lyocell pillowcases, bedding and sleep masks still harness our signature antibacterial silver to tackle acne-causing bacteria and odour. The Bamboo Lyocell itself is hypoallergenic, breathable and antibacterial which makes this sustainable range a total double threat when it comes to the likes of breakouts, congestion and inflammation.

Just like our traditional silk range, our Bamboo Lyocell products provide a smooth surface to sleep on, reducing the likes of tangles and bed hair. 45% smoother than cotton, not only can you farewell unwanted bacteria and blemishes but waking up with frizz too!


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If you're looking for a more sustainable way to achieve clearer skin and healthier hair, visit our product catalogue page for a variety of bedding products including pillowcases, bedsheets, duvet covers and sleep masks - all available in a selection of stylish colours to suit any bedroom style. 

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