Time for a new pillowcase? Here’s four signs it’s time to make the switch to Silvi

Time for a new pillowcase? Here’s four signs it’s time to make the switch to Silvi

Have you ever given much thought to the materials your pillowcase is made of? Surely, as long as it’s clean, it’s all good, right? We hate to break it to you but when it comes to beauty sleep, what your head rests on each night truly does make a difference.

If you’re tired of spending big money on skincare that isn’t delivering on its promise or totally over the bad hair days, it’s time to look at the pillowcase staring back at you on the bed. Today, we’re diving deep into why we’ve made the switch to silk pillowcases and why you should too.

Your mane is more manic than magic

If you’ve dreamt of maintaining that perfect blow out on day two or even day three (we won’t judge) only to wake up with frizzy, bed hair then chances are your mane is resting on a cotton pillowcase. Regular pillowcases cause friction between the material and your hair which leads to damage in the hair follicle and a lack of moisture. This means despite nodding off with perfectly luscious locks, you’re waking up with tangles and frizz.

Formulated with a similar fibre structure to your hair, silk pillowcases don’t steal moisture away from your hair and allow it to glide rather than get snagged. Ideal for those with thick, textured or curly hair, the switch to Silvi sees many say bye to bed hair and hello to the smooth, frizz-free life.

You’re not seeing great results from your skincare

Let’s face it. We’ve all got miracle skincare products on our shelves that claim to work extra hard overnight but despite lathering on the creams and serums, the products don’t seem to be tackling the signs of ageing like we’d hoped.

Now, we can’t speak for all skincare products but many of these truly do kick the skincare goals they claim! Unfortunately, most of it ends up on our pillowcases thanks to the absorption and friction-causing qualities of a regular pillowcase. Luckily, silk is not absorbent like regular pillowcase materials and our skin (and wallets) can truly reap the benefits of those dreamy face creams and masks.

Those fine lines and wrinkles are creeping up

Ever woken up in the morning with strange lines and creases on your face, neck or décolleté? You can blame your pillowcase for those.

Cotton doesn’t allow the skin to slide whilst we sleep which causes it to get snagged or caught during all the weird sleeping positions, we find ourselves in. Multiply that by a solid 7- or 8-hour sleep each night and your skin really does struggle to bounce back from that creased position.

Whilst these lines may subside as you get on with your morning, the longer-term damage has already been done. Additionally, taking away necessary moisture from the skin overnight, regular pillowcases can contribute to dehydration which is another leading contributor to accelerated ageing. Our skin needs moisture and hydration to keep that healthy plumpness and bounce to it!

Continuing this sleeping habit over time is going to lead to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles that require investment in skincare and treatments to subside. Switching to a silk pillowcase is like an insurance policy against premature ageing as the pillowcase provides a smooth surface for your skin overnight. During any tossing and turning, your skin doesn’t get snagged and instead, moves with the pillowcase. It also allows your skin to lock in moisture and maximise that natural glow.

You can’t quite pinpoint the cause of your breakouts

One of the hero benefits of switching to a silk pillowcase like Silvi is that it seriously supports the management of breakouts and blemishes. Regular pillowcases trap all of the dirt, moisture and bacteria in your skin and hair overnight. Each night that you go to sleep, you’re exposing your skin to 1000x times more bacteria than that found on a toilet seat! Yes, seriously! Yuck.

With Silvi, we’ve found the perfect combination to eliminate over 99% of acne-causing bacteria. Pairing our incredibly soft Mulberry Silk with positively charged silver ions, we’re able to abolish bacteria and germs that contribute to acne before they make their way into your skin. This Silver Ion Technology is a game changer for acne sufferers and an enormous long-term benefit of making the switch to a silk pillowcase.

Just like the friction to our hair and skin, Silk assists in preventing rubbing on painful blemishes which creates not only a more comfortable sleep but happier skin the next morning. Not contributing to unnecessary irritation or inflammation, cooling silk pillowcases can help sooth acne discomfort so you can relish from a better night’s sleep.

So, ready to make the switch? Bring the beauty back to your sleep by snoozing with Silvi.

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