Spring Clean Your Routine

Spring Clean Your Routine

Spring, it’s finally here! Time to say hello to warmer days ahead.

It's also the season where many of us like to jump into that little routine called 'spring cleaning'. Don't get us wrong, we all love our wardrobe declutter sessions, putting on some great tunes and asking ourselves if each item brings us joy (thanks Marie Kondo).

However, spring cleaning can be more than just decluttering your clothes; it can also be about reevaluating different aspects of your daily routine. This is an opportunity to feel lighter and be happier by taking control over the things that are controlling you.

The winter period has probably gotten us all a little worn out, so in this article, we're helping you get back into the swing of things with 5 easy changes you can apply to your own routine.

Declutter your phone

Are you guilty of having pages upon pages of unused apps? If so, now's the time for a digital detox by giving your phone’s home screen a much-needed cleanout. Say goodbye to all those apps that have been collecting dust.

Clearing out those unused apps means less annoying notifications to manage, which translates to less screen time - something that we should all be trying to do these days!

Support your skin

For some of us, when it comes to skincare, we like to experiment and try new products. It also means we’ve probably hoarded quite the collection over time.

Rather than letting your pile of shame take up valuable bench space, now’s the perfect time to declutter your makeup and skincare pile and bid farewell to those unused pieces - especially those past their expiration.

9 times out of 10, expired products will have lost their performance and worse yet, can harbour bacteria which can be the culprit to your unexpected acne breakouts.

This one is a win for both your bathroom and your skin!

Swap out your sheets

The cooler weather might have called for flannelette and cotton sheets, but it's the last thing anyone wants to sleep in when the nights start getting unbearably hotter.

Swap your bedding out for a lighter alternative that automatically adjusts with your body temperature. Silvi bedding is made from bamboo lyocell and is naturally thermoregulating to keep your body at the ideal temperature no matter the season.

Do away with the hassle of swapping sheets for every season; Silvi is here for you all year round for better quality sleep.

When in doubt, journal it out

Mindfulness might seem like a trend word, but giving yourself an opportunity to clear your mind is an important and effective way to destress and give back yourself.

One way to unpack what’s in our heads is getting those thoughts to paper. Whether it’s a ritual you do before bed or first thing in the morning, journaling what’s on your mind is the perfect way to brain dump those feelings that might have been weighing on you.

Expressing your thoughts (ideally on paper rather than your phone!) can help get rid of negative thoughts, as well as outline your intentions and goals for the day! Whether it’s a few simple points or random words sprawled across the page, it's one habit that will assist in reducing stress and overall improve your mood; perfect for regaining your motivation after falling into a slump period.

Spruce up your space

Spring cleaning is often associated with getting rid of things, but unless you’re going full-minimalist mode, sometimes a bit of redecorating is what’s needed instead!

Switch up your room, change the layout, add a plant or get creative and try your hand at some DIY. Giving new life to your space may give you a whole new appreciation for the areas that you spend most of your time in.

Rearranging furniture shouldn't only be reserved for makeover shows. It's a simple option to revitalise your space and your mindset. It's also a great way to identify what works for you in your day to day living.

Does having your bed pushed against the wall give you a better night's sleep? Or will positioning against a window help you stay cooler at night? When life gets busy, we tend to fall into the trap of settling with our surroundings, even if they're not the most practical.

Tailor your room to your own needs and own the space you live in. It's one of those rare acts of self-care that take the least time but reap the benefits the longest.

Looking to put a bit of spring in your routine?

Why not start with where you spend most of your time resting. Good quality sleep is the foundation of a healthy body and mind.

Try our range of temperature regulating, silky smooth bedding options for the perfect night’s sleep. Visit our product catalogue page for a variety of bedding products including pillowcases, bedsheets, duvet covers and sleep masks - all available in a selection of stylish colours to suit any bedroom style. 

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