It's time to meet Argie 👀

It's time to meet Argie 👀

Formerly known as Silvi, Argie is the new face of the award winning, best selling Anti-Acne pillowcase - which is set to become your new skin sidekick. 

After almost 4 years, we've decided to hit the refresh button. We're totally dedicated to improving the customer experience, so we've listened to everyone's feedback and made sure that we incorporated what the people want in our new look. 

We felt that it was time for a change and believe that Argie (short for Argent, meaning silver in French!) better aligns with our values and core mission using science-backed fabrics to help your skin be the best it can be, naturally. We're inclusive, real and fun - we want to push boundaries and steer clear of the status quo. We're all here for embracing the real you. 

With fresh prints, more sustainability, better pricing and higher quality products, we're proud of our new look and are excited to have you on board for the ride.

So what's new? 

Meet Satin! People love silk but hate the price tag. We wanted to fix that. Our satin is uniquely woven with spandex making it smoother and even softer than silk. More durable, machine washable, 100% vegan and half the price. We're proud our satin has now become an instant best seller. 

We have also listened to everyone's feedback and taken it into consideration in our new designs - new colours and prints, improved zippers, fray resistant, better pillowcase sizing and reduced packaging waste.

We still have our beloved silk pillowcases, so don't worry, they're not going anywhere!

What's the difference between the silk and satin? A couple of things:

⭐️ Satin is made from a blend of fabrics making it vegan friendly, where as silk is made from a natural fibre produced from silkworms.

⭐️ Satin is much more affordable (in fact 45% cheaper!) and accessible for those who still want that luxe look and feel, compared to silk which has higher price point.

Overall, our satin pillowcases are treated with the same award-winning silver ion treatment that you know and love. It feels and looks exactly like our silk option but a lot easier on the wallet. 

Try it out now, we think you'll really love it → Shop satin

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