Curating the best sleep routine

The New Year is always the best time to reset and welcome in new habits. 

Having good sleep hygiene means having a comfortable place and a structured routine that encourages uninterrupted sleep. It’s important to create healthy sleep habits, so that you can sleep peacefully throughout the night and wake up well rested.

Here are 4 tips to get started on creating your best sleep routine:

1. Keep it consistent

Having a regular sleep schedule is essential in maintaining your circadian rhythm aka your body’s internal clock. It’s hard to adopt a healthy sleep routine if you’re constantly going to sleep and waking up at different times, set a fixed wake-up time and stick to it (even on the weekends!) and make sure you’re getting the recommended amount of sleep each night.


2. Unplug from electronics

It’s tempting to bring your device with you to bed, but the blue light from your screens can disrupt sleep and suppress the body’s release of melatonin. Try to wind down for at least 30 minutes by reading a book or doing some relaxation exercises to prepare yourself for restful sleep.


3. Inhale and exhale

In this fast paced world, it’s important to take a moment to breathe and unwind a little. Taking proper care of your mind and body will help you relax. Instead of counting sheep, try some simple relaxation techniques that help you focus on your breathing. Practice controlled breathing, do mindful meditation and progressive muscle relaxation to bring your body into a state of deep relaxation. 


4. Comfort is key

Your sleep environment plays an important role in how you maximise comfort and minimise distractions in your sleep routine. Your bedding should be comfortable and maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. Silvi’s silver-infused bamboo not only stops 99% of acne-triggering bacteria, it's also hypoallergenic, temperature regulating and anti-odour.

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